With hours and hours of content in the archives, searching for segments can be overwhelming if you don't know how to navigate the archives. Here are a few tips and tricks for segment hunting on tastylive.com:

1) Bookmark the search URL  - this is your content hub!

 - https://www.tastylive.com/search

2) Less is more - It's inefficient to search with some long-winded sentence. Keep queries short and concise and you'll get plenty of results. 


- _________ Management (iron condor management - pictured below)

- _________ Checklist (strangle checklist)

- _________ vs ________ (strangle vs iron condor)

- Adjusting _________ (adjusting diagonal spreads)

- _________ Study (short put study)

3) Search for Dates - all tastylive segment URL's contain the date of the segment in MM-DD-YYYY format, so if you know the date or rough date of a segment you're looking for, you can type in 11-22-2022 and it will pull all segments archived from January 22nd of 2020.

4) Understand that some segments have a finite timeframe - if a segment or video has no evergreen content, and it's just a portfolio discussion or real-time trade segment, it likely has a 2-week timetable before being removed from the archives. If you like a video and want to save it, you can download the podcast version to your device with some podcast providers. 

Here are all the ways you can access tastylive outside of tastylive.com

We hope this helps, but let us know if you have any questions at support@tastylive.com!