You've been asking for 2x playback ability, and now you have it! Here are some screenshots that show you how to make video player adjustments on the video player. 

The following applies to both the live show and archived videos:

Volume Adjustment: You can adjust the video player volume in the lower-left corner!

GO LIVE: For the live show, you can click this button if you paused the video player or had to rewind a bit to rewatch something. It will bring you back to the live broadcast instantly.

Video Play Speed Adjustment: You can now adjust how quickly the video plays in the lower right corner of the player, up to 2x speed and as slow as 0.5x speed - you can choose any of the options listed, and your selection will appear along the bottom of the player to remind you what speed you've chosen.

Video Quality Adjustment: If you're having stream connection or buffering issues, you can manually select a lower playback quality to improve the steadiness of the stream, with 360p @ 1118 kbps being the lowest quality. If you have a fast connection and want to ensure you're getting the best quality video, you can manually select 720p @ 3781 kbps for the highest quality video. Auto is selected by default and will switch to and from these selections depending on your connection quality.