So you’ve finally picked out a show to watch -- now what? 

When you head to an individual show’s page, you’ll get a little more detail about the show including potential air time, hosts of the show, a rolling list of episodes, the ability to follow the show/add to your dashboard, and other suggested video content.

Like in other areas of the site, upon hovering over an episode, you can save a show to watch later, view/save/download the slide decks, add the video to a playlist, and follow the entire show in your dashboard.

When you actually press “PLAY” on a video, you’ll have a whole new set of choices! Viewers can view the slide deck (and subsequently save them to the dashboard or download them), SHARE the episode on social media or copy the link URL, and, of course, add the episode to a playlist, save to watch later, or follow the show. 

On top of that, viewers can autoplay the next episode by toggling the button in the upper right corner on, or check out MORE video content BELOW the video player!