Once you’re logged in to tastylive.com, the first thing you’ll notice is the live video player. We are live on air Monday-Thursday from 7a-5p CST, Friday from 7a-3p CST, Saturdays from 10a-11a CST, and Sundays from 4:55p-5:30p CST.

Next to the live video in the lower right corner, you’ll see the day’s schedule, an audio-only option, AND our newest feature, the Trade Feed!

Episode archives will be accessible directly from the show schedule as they are uploaded to the site! Use the Arrow buttons on the live player to toggle through other sections of the day’s schedule.

To view the trade feed, simply click the button with the “T” tile on it! 

You can click the popout icon in the upper right corner of each trade to view more detail including strikes and trader comments.


Beneath the video player, you’ll see a variety of video carousels! Viewers can continue watching content they’ve previously started, check out the most recent video uploads, and get multiple show and episode suggestions based on several trading topics! Plus, you can access our podcasts, check out the Learn center, and see what else we think you’d like!